Today, everyone, without exception, wants to have a good hairstyle. But to have it, you need the appropriate tools. In this case, we will talk about a comb for curly hair. Which is better to use, what are they generally, the materials that are used for combs - all this can be found in this article. To know more, check out: best brush for curly hair

How to choose a comb for curly hair?

To comb curly hair, you need a comb with wide gaps between the teeth. One simple rule applies here: the larger the gap, the better. It is also necessary that the teeth are strong, otherwise they will break when combing. The type of combs "fishbone", as well as combs with too small gaps between the teeth, disappear immediately, completely and irrevocably.

The longer the hair of the girl, the more voluminous the comb is needed. This will allow you to style without bad effects on your hair.

In this case, the hair will not tangle, which is also a plus.

How to choose by hair type?

Here you need to look at what types of hairstyles are generally available and which are suitable for each specific type. For example, for straight hair of any length, the Fishbone comb is perfect. However, this hairstyle will not work for curly hair.

How to choose the best comb for curly hair: varieties and instructions for use

Also, the classification of combs is based on materials and type. Let's start with the materials.

Depending on the material

In total, they are divided into seven types according to materials:

1. With natural bristles;
2. Plastic;
3. Silicone;
4. Carbon;
5. Wooden
6. Metal;
7. Turtle shell.

Natural bristles

Let's start with a comb that uses natural bristles, very soft. This is mainly due to the material, because in the production of such combs, horse and pork bristles are used, which are very soft. The good news is that, due to their softness, they are ideal for thin hair types, while such a comb will not be able to cope with thick hair.

In addition to real bristles, there are also artificial bristles that do not have any positive properties for hair, and therefore are not popular. Yes, of course, at first glance, an artificially created bristle cannot be distinguished from a natural one, but it is worth using both of them, you can understand - artificial ones are much harder when combing than natural ones. Therefore, if you choose between them, it is better to take natural.


Plastic combs are the cheapest type of combs. And this is not casual, because they have much more disadvantages than advantages. The biggest of them is their increased static character. After combing your hair a little, you can "charge" the comb and it will begin to attract the hair to itself. And in general, the teeth of such a comb will scratch the skin on the head, which will negatively affect it.

Silicone and carbon

Silicone brushes do not have any special advantages, as well as disadvantages. They can be used on a daily basis, while the scalp will not be damaged by any destructive properties of the material. Most often, a silicone comb can be found in beauty salons, where it is used for perm.

Carbon fiber combs consist of carbon fiber and ceramic coating.