So many encouraging words have come in from laity and Church leaders alike praising the work of Inclusive Orthodoxy. Your words of encouragement are honestly what keep Inclusive Orthodoxy going. If you would like to submit feedback to be added to this page, email Fr. Justin through the Contact page. Thank you all for your loving support!


"I have just stumbled across your website and wish to congratulate you.

Just because we choose to do as Jesus would do and include all, without exception, into his church and at his table does not mean that we have to stray from orthodoxy.

Every blessing upon you and your ministry."

The Right Reverend David Gillham, Bishop
The Open Episcopal Church, Diocese of Scotland


"Our inclusion in Christ is true only if it's based in the Truth of Christian orthodoxy.  Thank God, you're building your ministry on reality and not on passing platitudes of political correctness."

Dr. Ralph Blair,
Psychotherapist and Founder of Evangelicals Concerned




"The true foundation of Christianity is showing love and compassion to everyone and I applaud you for following the real message of Christ."

Archbishop James Long,
Provincial Archbishop of the North American Old Catholic Church




"This warms my heart!  Congratulations on taking a courageous stand – we actually do have something to offer as Christians, hopefully to everyone!"

The Rev. Dr. Lizette Larson-Miller

Priest and Liturgist, The Episcopal Church


"I want to applaud your efforts for Although your approach is not to underscore a progressive Eastern Church, it is orthodoxy and 'O'rthodox to underscore that Christ emphasized that we love God and one another as he loves us -- unconditionally and without judgment."

Bishop Paul Peter Jesep,

Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church


"Thank you for your work. So many gay folks have rejected Christianity which has rejected them. Most of those remaining have to 'reshape the facts of our faith' to fit themselves in; it seems so few can embrace orthodox Christianity. Finally someone who thinks like me. It's refreshing."

The Rev. Charles Grande,  
Chaplain (Old Catholic Church)



"Inclusive Orthodoxy asserts that we can be gay and Christian without sacrificing the historic truths of scripture. I agree wholeheartedly!”

Rick Brentlinger,  
Founder of  
Author of Gay Christian 101: Spiritual Self-Defense for Gay Christians.


"Justin Cannon is perhaps the most gifted young man of our LGBT community to come along in many years...His new website, Inclusive Orthodoxy, is unique in it’s approach to being gay and Christian. He tackles the problem that 'the more inclusive an organization or denomination becomes, the further it strays from the Apostolic faith and core orthodox Christian teaching.' I am in full agreement with Justin’s statements and highly recommend this website to all. God bless you, Justin!"

Mary Pearson,

"Justin Cannon's efforts are so refreshing for Christians who happen to be gay! How progressive to breathe orthodoxy into Gay Culture. The Church will hopefully  thank him one day for helping Gay committed Christians find their place at the Table."

Richmond L. Schmidt,



"Justin Cannon continues his impressive ministry to gay Christians of all denominations with Inclusive Orthodoxy....he powerfully demonstrates that the teachings of the Christian faith do not need to be sacrificed in order for the Church to be inclusive of LGBT individuals. This bold and much-needed perspective clearly brings home the point that in embracing the gay the community, the Church need not water down the Gospel message."

Sal Sapienza,  
Author of Seventy Times Seven


"It's always great to see more resources for GLBT Christians in their journey of faith. Knowing that the list of ministries that are preaching inclusion is still growing is exciting indeed! My prayer is that the message of true orthodox inclusion will continue to be proclaimed everywhere! Thanks again for your passion and your work! Keep pressing on!"

The Rev. David W. Shelton,  
Author of The Rainbow Kingdom: Christianity & the Homosexual Reconciled


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