Inclusive Orthodoxy Online Bookstore

Society for Eastern Anglicanism (SERA)

Affirming Catholicism (UK)

Orthodox and Gay

Axios: Eastern & Orthodox Christians Gay Men & Women

Axios DC
Axios DC: a fellowship of GLBT Eastern Christians in the national capital area for more than 15 years

Ortodoksisen Sateenkaariseuran (Orthodox Rainbow Society)
Support group of gay, lesbian, and bisexual Orthodox Christian sponsored by the Finnish Orthodox Church.

The Gay Christian Network (Eastern Orthodox Fellowship)
This site has a message board with thousands of gay Christians from around the world. They also have an Eastern Orthodox Fellowship group on their message board.

Pro-Gay Orthodox Christians (and allies)
This group identifies as a fellowship for “Orthodox Christians who are disappointed by the church's view of gays and gay rights.”

The Gay Map of the Orthodox World
OUT Traveler Magazine


Transsexualism and Eastern Christian Thought
An informational website by a faithful male-to-female transsexual woman.

Being Gay and Coptic

This is a blog by a gay, Coptic Orthodox Christian.

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